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Oasis Kids is a ministry that exists to teach children Biblical truths, build a community that shows children they are part of the church today and that they are ambassadors to the world.


We want to equip parents to disciple their children by providing a loving environment where children are taught and cared for while parents sit under the preaching and teaching of God's word.

Kids Classes

Oasis Kid's Classes:

Kids are taught age appropriate lessons from the Bible by teachers who are trained and background checked for your child's safety. Classes use singing, illustrations, crafts, play, and bible materials to bring the Gospel and biblical truths to life. Each week parents are provided a One Sheet curriculum tool to use to reinforce and teach the lessons to their children at home.



 Birth - 2 Years Old 

Welcome to the nursery. This class is focused on play and close monitoring of your child by caring, trained nursery volunteers.

These volunteers engage with kids on an individual level and facilitate group play and sharing.

This class works closely with parents and will want to know your desires and how to best help serve you while you are attending worship.

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  3 - 5 Year Olds  

Welcome! This class is a high energy, exciting class of toddlers and young kids who are just getting into pre-school and kindergarten.

Kids need to be potty trained by the time they reach this class.

Our trained volunteers will work with you and your kid as you navigate the process of leaving them in the classroom with their peers.

Teachers utilize lots of hands on illustrations, dancing, singing, scripture memorization, story time, snack time, and various crafts to help teach the weekly lessons.


You will receive a One Sheet recap and instructional tool for you to use with your kid during the week.

Sample One Sheet
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 Younger Kids  

  Kindergarten – 2nd Grade  

Welcome to the Younger Kid's Class. Scripture retention is a major focus of all our classes but the expectations go up starting in this class.

Kids will encounter Bible lessons through bible reading, guided curriculum, crafts, singing, videos, and hands on crafts.

Bible Study Recap Sheets will be provided to help parents reinforce the biblical themes, lessons, and help the student memorize their weekly bible verses.

This curriculum is a lot of fun for adults who are recapping what they know or are encountering the Bible for the first time themselves. We highly recommend that families go through the process together!

Sample One Sheet
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 Older Kids​ 

   3rd – 6th Grade  

Welcome to the Older Kids class. This class is very hands on and each student gets special attention from our trained volunteers.

This age is looking for higher reading comprehension and connections from the Bible to the kids world view and ethical decisions about how they ought to live.

This is the last class offered at The Oasis Church currently before students are expected to join their parents in Big Church! As the students are transitioning to worship with the adults there is an increased emphasis on personal bible reading. 

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